Body Manufacturing Stamp 2020.0

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Body Manufacturing Stamp
10 Dec 2020

Body Manufacturing – Stamp is the latest addition to the ESI Manufacturing portfolio. It has been developed to efficiently support the most common sheet metal manufacturing processes in the automotive industry (line die/transfer die, progressive die, hotforming).

Being integrated in the VISUAL platform, ESI is now offering a complete AUTOMOTIVE solution in a single environment for the chain, starting with single part manufacturing (sheet metal forming, composites, casting), continuing with the assembly of these parts into (sub-) assemblies (welding, riveting, gluing,…) and final performance testing under realistic conditions (crash, durability, ergonomics,..), taking into account dimensional and cosmetic quality at each stage.

This first release of Body Manufacturing – Stamp is addressing the line die process (cold forming) and supports the user through a powerful, state-of-the-art graphical interface with many intuitive functionalities to effectively setup even the most complicated processes in few minutes. The entire setup is purely done on CAD geometry (no more meshing concerns!) and requires only process related input parameters.

The defined process layout will be automatically converted to simulation data based on pre-defined templates, offering the possibility to set company standards. These templates can be easily shared with suppliers, ensuring consistent simulation results for specific parts and/or processes. Simulations are performed with the long-time industrially proven PAM-STAMP solver, to ensure the highest result quality and thus the best predictive confidence.

Please refer to Body Manufacturing Stamp Release Notes to learn more about this release.

See also the Visual-Environment 16.0 RevB Release Notes to learn more.

Software Files
Visual-Environment Documentation 16.0 (revB) for Windows
Windows 64 Bits 1.72 GB Full Version
File name:
MD5: c74a8fca0ac631d0ca7acc276a70bdb5

Visual-Environment Documentation 16.0 rev B for Windows with 64-bit processors.

How to Install:

Unzip in  a temporary directory and execute Setup.exe

ESI Body Manufacturing Stamp
Windows 64 Bits 3.58 GB Full Version
File name:
MD5: b5bbcd67952b690f3a558f604ebd4c49

BODY MANUFACTURING STAMP 2020.0  for Windows including Visual-Environment 16.0 and CSM Solver 20.0.1

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe