NOVA 2016.0

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NOVA 2016.0 11 May 2016

ESI Nova 2016 offers a range of upgraded and new functionality, below a few highlights are listed:

  • Two classes of Design Parameters are added
    • the Equivalent Medium property
    • the User’s Defined Transfer Matrix property
  • Three new classes of Frequency Dependent parameter are added
    • Equivalent Bulk Modulus spectrum
    • Equivalent Density spectrum
    • User Defined Transfer Matrix Components
  • Three new scripts are added
    • Effects using FE-Axi
    • Compression Effect
    • Microstructure model for PU foams
  • The Porous Patch Design Parameter is greatly modified
  • The Copy to VA One (XML) functionality is improved

Software Documentation (NOVA 2016.0)

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Software Files (NOVA 2016.0)


Windows 64 Bits
119.27 MB
Software Full Version
File name: NOVA2016-64bit.msi
MD5 : 678f5eb56777c86317540ce569985bcb

NOVA 2016 installer for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10