PAM-OPT 2021.0

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PAM-OPT 2021.0 26 Mar 2021

ESI PAM-OPT 2021.0 has the following new main options:

Improvement of the algorithms:

  • A new DOE option based on logarithms.  
  • A new type of constraint applied to the optimizations of sequences. The new constraint is of the type "not equal to" applied to entities of two different sequences.

Improvement of curve treatments:

  • New options for advanced curve treatments.

Control of the results of the called applications:

  • Whether a file exists or not can now be verified.
  • The possibilities of multiple verifications using the AND and OR conditions between verifications have been significantly improved.

Please refer to PAM-OPT Release Notes for more details about this release.



Software Documentation (PAM-OPT 2021.0)

PAM-OPT 2021.0 - Release Notes (138.77 KB)

Software Files (PAM-OPT 2021.0)

PAM-OPT 2021.0 for Windows

Windows 64 Bits
33.57 MB
Full Version
File name: OPT21r0_Windows.exe
MD5 : 1d3186e3e16b16b0490cbd5ac68aa06b

PAM-OPT 2021.0 Solvers (and PAM-OPT Editor 2005) installer for Windows 10 Operating Systems.

There is also a version of PAM-OPT Solvers compatible with Cygwin 6.1 (64-bits)

How to install:

Simply execute OPT21r0_Windows.exe

PAM-OPT 2021.0 for Linux

Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
61.56 MB
Full Version
File name: OPT21r0_Linux.tar.gz
MD5 : ac65eb37fa19753d87f1daed17bc59ae

PAM-OPT 2021.0 Solvers (and PAM-OPT Editor 2005) for Linux Operating Systems.

How to install it:

Untar (with tar xvf) OPT21r0_Linux.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH