PAM-STAMP 2020.5

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15 Jan 2021

PAM-STAMP 2020.5 provides the following improvement on top of 2020.0.1 :

  • Import / Coordinate systems : User can now easily import in one shot as many coordinate system (from IGES file) as required.
  • Blank editor / Refinement under outline : User can now customize the value used by default for refinement under outline.
  • Tool editor / Guides and Locator pins : User can now customize the “opposite prolongation” of guides and locator pins.
  • Tool Editor / Try-out mode : It is now possible to activate try-out mode only where a “Partial bearing” is applied. Thanks to this new ability, the overestimation of restraining force when try-out was used with geometrical drawbead can be avoided.
  • Process Editor / Layout : To ease the settings of Gravity phase and cams management, the layout of the lower part of the Process Editor (Simulation parameters) has been reviewed and all related parameters are now addressed by 2 dropdown lists. Also, a pre-bending ability has been added directly in the gravity droplist to consider the impact of the manipulation of the blank by the robot.
  • Process Editor / Speed-up : It is now possible to define the percentage of solver speed-up used in Process Editor.
  • Drawbead Manager / Sections definition : User can now define a friction coefficient for each individual section of the drawbead manager.
  • Drawbead Manager / Thinning and plastic strains effect : It is now possible in Drawbead Manager to consider the effect that the crossing of the drawbead will have on the blank regarding thinning and plastic strain.

Please have a look at PAM-STAMP Release Notes to get more information on the new capabilities.

Software Files
PAM-STAMP 2020.5 for Linux
Linux 64 Bits (Intel x86 proc. only) 671.83 MB Full Version
File name: Stamp2020r5_Linux.tar.gz
MD5: 41039a3193884b9f34028078f30ab710

PAM-STAMP SMP/DMP Solvers and Optimizer for RedHat Linux Enterprise / CentOS 7 to 8 or SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 & 15 Operating Systems running with Intel Xeon based processors

How to install:

Untar (tar xvf) Stamp2020r5_Solvers_Linux-Intel64.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL.SH

PAM-STAMP 2020.5 for Windows
Windows 64 Bits 849.34 MB Full Version
File name:
MD5: 2779ea3853e6d0badf53dc722c5cea38

PAM-STAMP User Interface, SMP/DMP Solvers and Optimizer for Windows 10

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe

Documentation Files