Pro-SiVIC 2017.1

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Pro-SiVIC 2017.1 24 Oct 2017

ESI Pro-SiVICTM enables to build simulations of multi-frequency sensors embedded on either static or dynamic devices, equipment or vehicles, interacting within their complexes environments including other devices with their own material characteristics and different weather conditions.

Previous releases of Pro-SiVICTM have mainly addressed the automotive domain, dealing with the testing of advanced driving assistance system, automated and autonomous car.

The release Pro-SiVICTM 2017.1 corrects a number of bugs (see the version release notes for the detail), and supports new functionality related to interoperability of the software (co-simulation) and the simplification of the process to import new scenes in Pro-SiVICTM.


Highlights of this release:

Pro-SiVICTM Interfaces

  • Support of .FBX format, to import in one process a scene built of multiple objects.

Pro-SiVICTM Tools

  • Access to new Application Programming Interface for Windows / Linux 32b/64b, OMG-DDS compliant, supporting local machine and network co-simulation (requires to download additional application note : AN- OMG DDS).
  • Access to Matlab and Simulink interface libraries, including 64b versions (requires to download additional application notes: AN- Matlab-ProSiVIC Communication and/or AN- Simulink-ProSiVIC Communication).

All details in the Pro-SiVICTM 2017.1 Release Notes

Software Documentation (Pro-SiVIC 2017.1)

Pro-SiVIC 2017.1 - Release Notes
Pro-SiVIC-2017.1_ReleaseNotes.pdf (2.69 MB)

Software Files (Pro-SiVIC 2017.1)

Windows 32 Bits
1.42 GB
Software Full Version
File name:
MD5 : 54add20ac772623b3fb1ad12cf506d67

Pro-SiVIC 2017.1 installer for Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 or 10 Operating Systems.

How to install:

Unzip in a temporary directory and execute setup.exe

Follow instructions available in Pro-SiVICTM 2017.1 Release Notes (Installation Guide section).