SimulationX 4.2.3

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28 Jun 2021

ESI’s SimulationX® provides you with state-of-the-art technology in physical system simulation. As a single platform for modeling and analyzing dynamic system behavior, you can use it in various engineering fields. SimulationX allows you to fully analyze the interaction between your system’s parts, components and assemblies (subsystems). Identify and optimize the parameters with the biggest influence on the system behavior and design new concepts. Based on the open model description language Modelica®, SimulationX comes with many predefined model libraries that can be used out-of-the-box. You can also extend SimulationX with your own application-specific libraries or integrate SimulationX into your CAE world via interfaces, such as FMI®, Executable Model or our many XiL interfaces.

Highlights of this release

New: Simulation of Switched Controls for NVH Analyses

Electro-Mechanics model library: Simulate and analyze torque ripple as a source of noise or vibration excitation caused by discrete controllers for electric drivetrains. All field-oriented controller models and the corresponding controlled inverter models, the rectifier model, the inverter model and the frequency converter can now represent discrete circuits.

With the new model of a switched inverter for three phases you are now able to perform detailed analyses of switching effects in inverters to assess losses as well as current peaks, but also to examine control systems. Furthermore, the new inverter leg model (one phase) lets you create custom inverters easily and quickly.

System Reliability and Safety Analyses plus Fault Data Analytics

  • New Fault Data Analytics tool: Create decision trees and main metrics based on the simulated data from your studies to evaluate system reliability and safety for certain scenarios. For this purpose, SimulationX now comes with the new Fault Data Analytics tool (FDA) which is based on scikit-learn package for Python and offers seven algorithms for machine learning with an intuitive user interface. This new analysis tool lets you find out how manufacturing deviations, assembly faults, material deviations, wear and aging can contribute to progressive or sudden failure of your system or which combination or limits must be prevented or not exceeded in real operation.
  • New generic fault model augmentation
  • Extended variant study generation

Releases Notes

Software Documentation (SimulationX)
Find the full online SimulationX user manual here:

Software Files
SimulationX 4.2.3 installer for Windows
Windows 64 Bits 1.45 GB Full Version
File name: SimulationX-
MD5: e81a9b97f7ffab9fdc08fa95cacbb108

SimulationX 4.2.3 for Windows

SimulationX 4.2.3 - CAD Import Plugin
Windows 64 Bits 254.78 MB Full Version
File name: SimulationX4.2-CAD-Import-Plugin-x64.exe
MD5: dc7d3e852fd486dc723be465f0056e63

SimulationX 4.2.3- CAD-Import-Plugin x64

SimulationX 4.2.3 - FEM Import
Windows 64 Bits 935.76 MB Full Version
File name:
MD5: 2334fa3f0cdf648048251f9b67d8d166

SimulationX 4.2.3 - FEM-Import

SimulationX 4.2.3 - FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder
Windows 64 Bits 1.79 MB Full Version
File name: FMUCo-SimulationTargetforSimulinkCoder-
MD5: 1669007ecb0487b71662a1be06e1e7a5

SimulationX 4.2.3 - FMU Co-Simulation Target for Simulink Coder

SimulationX 4.2.3 - MSL-4.0.0
Windows 64 Bits 20.54 MB Full Version
File name:
MD5: e91643fca726c6bbcd605ed73da30bc5

SimulationX 4.2.3 - MSL-4.0.0

SimulationX 4.2.3 - Order Analysis
Windows 64 Bits 19.59 MB Full Version
File name: Order-Analysis-
MD5: 782fc84d207fce52e030942619d8ec19

SimulationX 4.2.3 - Order-Analysis