VA One 2020.1

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VA One 2020.1 6 Nov 2020

ESI VA One 2020.1 offers a number of refinements and corrections.

For more information please refer to the VA One 2020.1 Release Notes.

Software Documentation (VA One 2020.1)

VA One 2020.1 - Installation Guide
VA_ONE_2020-1_InstallationAndLicensingGuide.pdf (1.28 MB)
VA One 2020.1 - Release Notes
VA_ONE_2020-1_ReleaseNotes.pdf (581.27 KB)

Software Files (VA One 2020.1)

VA ONE 2020.1 Installer

Windows 64 Bits
1.28 GB
Software Full Version
File name: VAOne2020.1.msi
MD5 : 099200c347069520c84ad727a40067cd

VA One  2020.1  ( on Windows 10

VA ONE 2020.1 CAD-Import Plug In

Windows 64 Bits
382.78 MB
Software Full Version
File name: VAOne2020.1-CADImportModules.msi
MD5 : 275fa52235860fa2fe2dfb2ffaf5f86a

VA One 2020.1 CAD Import Plug-In is a extension module that offers additional CAD data import functionality to VA One

VA ONE 2020.1 - Blue CFD Core OpenFOAM 2.1.3

Windows 64 Bits
345.45 MB
Software Full Version
File name: blueCFD-Core-2.3-1-win64-setup.exe
MD5 : 25319b85ed4fb93a32c80264d65b1cb4

BlueCFD®-Core OpenFOAM 2.3.1 (by blueCAPE) instsaller for Windows.

Visit blueCAPE website for details about this OpenFOAM release

VA ONE 2020.1 Batch Solver on Linux

Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
1.39 GB
Software Full Version
File name: VAOne-2020.1.tar.bz2
MD5 : f2c1f531ef7781c093e0610323daff5e

VA One 2020.1 Batch Solver ( for RedHat Linux Entreprise CentOS 6 or 7

Installation procedure for the VA One command-line batch solver (64bit only) on Linux

- Intel 64 or AMD64 processor
- Minimum 8 GB RAM
- Minimum 5 GB disk space
- Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6+
- Intel MPI Library Runtime Environment 5.0 for DMP BEM
- blueCFD-Core (OpenFOAM) from for non-uniform FE Acoustic


VA ONE 2020.1 Validation & QA

Windows 64 Bits
1.1 GB
Software Full Version
File name:
MD5 : e5c54b396bb755c1a039e77e502a6c7d

VA One 2020.1 Validation & QA