VA One Developer Kits 2020.1

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VA One Developer Kits 2020.1 6 Nov 2020

This is the VA One 2020.1 - MATLAB - Developer Kits, see included documentation for more details.

Software Documentation (VA One Developer Kits 2020.1)

No documentation available yet.

Software Files (VA One Developer Kits 2020.1)

VA ONE 2020.1 Developer Kits

Windows 64 Bits
13.73 MB
Software Full Version
File name: VAOne2020.1-MATLAB-DeveloperKit.msi
MD5 : 9bb7f23c46e360cf990178780d9580be

This media contains the materials, documentation and installation programs for the developments kits of VA One 2020.1 64 bit.


Unzip the archive and then follow the instructions given by the text files Instructions.txt located in the subfolder "64 bit"