Visual-Environment 14.5.1

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Visual-Environment 14.5.1 23 Jan 2019

Visual-Environment 14.5.1 Patch

This update release is applicable for all Whiplash processes in Visual-Seat(Auto) context.

Please read the Update Details for more information.

Software Documentation (Visual-Environment 14.5.1)

No documentation available yet.

Software Files (Visual-Environment 14.5.1)


Windows 64 Bits
192.27 MB
Patch Version
File name: VisualEnv1451_WindowsPatch.exe
MD5 : b92df915cbbdfe2c93ce91773e07d105

Visual-Environment 14.5.1 for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 SP1 64-bit Operating Systems.

How to install:

Simply execute VisualEnv1451_WindowsPatch.exe


Linux 64 Bits (all x86 proc)
218.07 MB
Patch Version
File name: VisualEnv1451_LinuxPatch.tar.gz
MD5 : 2c3f5faf00219f831b63588d7d49f2db

Visual-Environment 14.5.1 for RedHat Enterprise 6.5 or 7.5 64-bit Linux distributions (GlibC >= 2.12)

How to install:

Uncompress (tar xvf) VisualEnv1451_LinuxPatch.tar.gz in a temporary directory and execute ./INSTALL_PATCH.SH