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CEM One 2019.1
Featuring all major simulation techniques within a dedicated user environment, CEM One  enables Full Virtual Electromagnetic Testing of large-scale industrial models over a wide frequency spectrum, from radio to millimeter waves...
24 Jun 2019

CEM One 2019.0
Featuring all major simulation techniques within a consolidated user environment, CEM One enables Virtual Electromagnetic Testing for large industrial models over a wide frequency spectrum, from Radio Frequency (RF) to millimeter...
22 Jan 2019

CEM One 2018.1
This CEM One 2018.1 packaging special Version (synchronized with Visual-CEM 14.0) consolidates the previous CEM One 2018.0 major release (made available early 2018), with a special focus on the brand new CEM-TD solver, now...
2 Jul 2018

CEM One 2018
Synchronized with Visual-CEM 13.5, this major CEM One release consolidates previous Special Versions focusing on innovative key features for Automotive (CEM chaining with Pro-SiVIC and extended 3D3D coupling procedure). A brand-...
18 Jan 2018

CEM One 2016.2
After CEM One 2016.1 release dedicated to the chaining process with the Pro-SiVIC platform for advanced automotive RADAR sensors modeling, this CEM One Special Version includes various solver fixes, some extra versions not...
2 Feb 2017

CEM One 2016.1
This release of CEM One offers one major innovative feature for the advanced Automotive RADAR sensors modeling. Starting from a standard 3D computation, the sensor is characterized through its radiation pattern first. This 3D...
4 Sep 2016

CEM One 2016.0
This release of CEM One consolidates the development strategy initiated last year (2015), with a special focus on the management of large industrial models, the Radio Noise process for Automotive (with printed or glass embedded...
25 May 2016

CEM Solutions 2015.2
CEM Solutions 2015.2, Special Version with Efield 2015.2 solvers and CADfix 10
1 Jun 2015

CEM Solutions 2015.0
A complete environment for computational electromagnetics
4 Feb 2015