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Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

Export of Hemming Contours in ASCII format using Visual-Viewer for SMF
Export in ASCII format for hemming contour doesn't exist in Visual-Viewer, here is shared a simple way to do it
Sureshbabu Yalavarthi
Sheet Metal Forming

Horse saddle distortion modelling in Visual Weld
Welding of structures involves complex interactions between thermal, metallurgical and mechanical phenomena leading to residual stresses and distortions, which play a major role during subsequent service of these structures. Controlling material characteristics,...
Mandikizinoyou Taro
Sheet Metal Forming, Virtual Manufacturing, Multiphysics, Welding & Assembly

Overview of CSM Welding Advisor in Visual Environment 18.0.2
This tip is to give an overview of new CSM welding advisor in Visual Environment 18.0.2. This new advisor comes in replacement of Visual Welding advisor and uses Assembly solver to perform transient welding simulation.
Mandikizinoyou Taro
Sheet Metal Forming, Virtual Manufacturing, Welding & Assembly

Demonstrator of typical Stamp-Assembly process in automotive BiW manufacturing
New Stamp-Assembly non-confidential tutorial available
Jan Bejvl
Sheet Metal Forming, Welding & Assembly, Virtual Integration Platform

e-café #3 - Customiser l'interface PAM-STAMP
Vous voulez personnaliser votre environnement de travail avec PAMSTAMP ? Cet e-café vous explique comment customiser l'interface en utilisant un workflow dédié et en utilisant des barres d'outils faites sur mesure.
Julien Charbonneaux
Sheet Metal Forming

Overview of PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
Quick overview of PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 workflow and additional functionalities for following operations, from design up to simulation in PAM-STAMP
Mark Vrolijk
Sheet Metal Forming

Construction tools : Generic Editors - PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
DM Construction Editor allows quick creation of high quality surfaces using existing underlying surfaces in combination with DIEMAKER Generic Operations. DM Hole Editor is an adaptation of Construction Editor used specifically for holes filling.
Jana Maradova
Sheet Metal Forming

Construction tools : Generic Operations - PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
Video presenting main functionalities of generic surface operations within PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5
Jana Maradova
Sheet Metal Forming

Recommendations to use IRONING option in PAM-STAMP
Several recommendations for ironing
Martin Holecek
Sheet Metal Forming

Advanced Piercing - PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 2020.0
Presentation of the new functionality of Advanced Piercing within PAM-DIEMAKER for Catia V5 2020.0
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming