SimulationX - Green City

Learn about the modeling and simulation of building complexes and smaller city quarters regarding the heating, cooling, and power supply, including electromobility, within SimulationX.

In this training course, participants will learn more about the Green City library concept in SimulationX. The training focuses on the application of the available components as weather data, electric grids, building zones, heat transfer systems, etc. The usage of each component is covered by numerous examples.

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Day 1

  • Concept of the Green City library in SimulationX
  • Extension of the Green Building approach
  • Demonstration of available components
  • Exemplary modeling of a regeneratively supplied local heating network
  • Simulation of coupled network heat and electric energy supply incl., including vehicle fleets
  • Background knowledge of model application and parameter procurement
  • Exercises:
    • Conventional building model
    • Regenerative charging