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System Modeling


As digitalization of engineering validation workflows accelerates, the replacement of physical prototypes and pre-production products has escalated possible gaps in product development. Namely, the lack of physical testing at the product proving grounds to inform product development. For products with higher capital costs, lower planned production volumes, and diverse applications, this raises the potential that product performance attributes might be tested in less than realistic conditions. Evaluating the potential durability of future products operated in rough terrain or even misused is not only financially impractical, but increasingly logistically improbable.  

Implementing Virtual Proving Grounds, where analysis of disparate simulation methodologies can be considered more holistically between Model Based Systems Engineering, non-linear performance analysis includes manufacturing impact, is an emerging trend among leading enterprises. Conducting “hands-on” product evaluations of the product virtually, can inform engineers to product requirements similar to interacting with pre-production prototypes or mock-ups. 

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