Heavy Machinery - Operational Safety & Comfort

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System Modeling


Delivering successful new products for the construction, mining, and agriculture industries requires delivering machinery products that are Safe, Clean, and Productive. However, informing the design and engineering decisions required to assure success without access to the actual product is a challenge remaining in most companies' digital transformation.  

Many deterministic methods of testing and evaluating products are discrete simulations of specific conditions meant as a proxy to real world conditions. While these types of tests are highly illustrative and better than not performing the tests at all, they still occasionally fall short of what is learned when those products are rolled out to actual construction sites, farms or forests, and mines. 

This webinar addresses how leading enterprises are applying virtual prototyping to gain necessary holistic product analysis insights. Ultimately assuring the delivery of Safe, Clean, and Productive machinery for their customers mines, farms, forests, and construction sites. 

Key Topics:

  • Identify methods to evaluate & improve operational safety during operation 
  • Evaluate product dynamics and stability in rough terrain 
  • Assess machine behavior in Emergency Stops and Shutdown 
  • Ensure Operator Comfort, interior and exterior noise regulation 
  • Verify operator Visibility, Reachability, and Accessibility long before product availability 
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