How can I perform Industrial Cabin Noise Simulation using VA One

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An industrial cabin is a working environment and because of this it can subject to noise regulations. This can dictate noise thresholds in enclosed working environments and can also be directly related to operator productivity. Cabin noise can arise from a variety of sources including the engine, hydraulics and pumps. A great deal of effort is required early in the design stages to meet interior noise targets so that costly rework is not necessary after the design is finalized.

ESI engineers will deploy a model of an industrial cabin built from a CAD model to demonstrate how a variety of mechanical sources and complex noise transfer paths can be identified using simulation techniques. They will also show how this information can be used in the early concept stage of the design cycle to develop strategies to meet interior noise targets.

As a part of this, we will also show how a combination of FEM and SEA models in VA One help engineers to optimize the sound package for airborne and structure borne noise transmission.

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How can I perform Industrial Cabin Noise Simulation using VA One