Local Joining Process & Performance

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Welding & Assembly

With regards to the electrification challenge, multi-material assemblies are critical to producing vehicle bodies with the best cost-lightweight ratio and increasing energy efficiency during production. However, higher investments for powertrains translate into more conservative investments for the body and chassis. This increases the pressure to achieve better cost efficiency in the engineering and manufacturing of those vehicles. Automakers like Ford and Nissan are shifting towards a fully streamlined and virtual prototyping approach to assess feasibility, predict assembly processes, and validate performance at very early development stages to solve this conundrum.

Car safety is not just a matter of regulation but it saves lives. The structural integrity of the body-in-white during the crash is closely linked to weld strength. Predictive spot weld rupture models require significant amounts of costly physical testing. Join our upcoming webinar to see how Weld Rupture simulation enables engineers to test spot weld strength virtually in a cost-effective and accurate digital workflow.


  • Predict and avoid any unexpected joint ruptures that could lead to crash deformation
  • Captured ruptures in the crash model early during the physical prototype testing phase
  • Rely on digital testing to improve accuracy, efficiency & cost and ensure a more fluid internal communication & process integration.
  • Key examples from OEM applications to illustrate challenges & solutions
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