Virtual Product Design & Integration Validation

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Virtual Reality

Amid their industries’ digital transformations, enterprises are designing many first-of-their-kind products—Urban air-taxis, autonomous vehicles, electric drivetrains, and other disruptive product variants—that will face different problems than their historic offerings, since not all experience in producing the products of today will translate to the products of tomorrow: 

  • Packaging guidance defined for conventional fixed wing or rotary flight systems may exist, but will those same standards suit engineering decisions when eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff/landing) is commonplace for personal mobility? 
  • “Design for assembly” criteria, when available, are derived from the past century of experience with assembly practices for internal combustion vehicles, but once electrified and drivers becomes optional, would we design for assembly, service, or operation the same way? 
  • “Design for service” assumes we know what aspects of a design will require maintenance, but can we anticipate service for components when we don’t have statistical evidence that we are reviewing the “right processes” and do we have time to review every plausible service operation before launch?

Access the on-demand where we take a closer look at the application of Virtual and Extended reality to performing immersive product integration reviews and Design for assembly or design for service workshops. 

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