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ESI-Player 2.5
ESI-Player 2.5 About ESI-Player is a light-weight, stand-alone tool for visualizing ERF files. Its sleek and userfriendly interface allows this tool to be used by both CAE engineers and CAE managers alike. Easy installation and...
15 Mar 2019

Visual-Environment 14.5.3
Visual-Environment 14.5.3 Patch is applicable for VPS:   Visual-Crash PAM:   Dummy Integration Workflow: New option for Incremental Renumbering Correction of PYVAR references in Metric definition in export Input Checker updates:...
15 Mar 2019

SYSWELD 2019.0
From Weld Quality to Body Manufacturing & Distortion Engineering, ESI SYSWELD offers a unique computer-aided assessment of material characteristics, residual stresses and distortions by taking into account all the multi-...
6 Mar 2019

Pro-SiVIC 2018.0.1
ESI Pro-SiVICTM enables to build simulations of multi-frequency sensors embedded on either static or dynamic devices, equipment or vehicles, interacting within their complexes environments including other devices with their own...
4 Mar 2019

ProCAST 2019.0
ESI ProCAST 2019.0: an integrated software suite for the foundry industry to improve casting yield and quality. Includes ProCAST Solvers 2019.0, QuikCAST 2019.0, Visual-Environment 14.5, PAM-OPT 2019.0 and ESI-Player 2.0.1 See...
8 Feb 2019

Virtual Seat Solution 2018.5
ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS) is a solution dedicated to the virtual prototyping of seats. It empowers OEMs and seat suppliers to design, manufacture, test, improve and pre-certify their seat prototypes, fully and virtually,...
8 Feb 2019

VA One 2018.0.1
ESI VA One 2018.0 offers a wide range of enhancements that will enable users to address common modelling applications even more easily in the automotive, aerospace, marine and industry sectors. VA One 2018.0.1 replaces VA One...
6 Feb 2019

Visual-Environment 14.5.1
Visual-Environment 14.5.1 Patch This update release is applicable for all Whiplash processes in Visual-Seat(Auto) context. Please read the Update Details for more information.
23 Jan 2019

CEM One 2019.0
Featuring all major simulation techniques within a consolidated user environment, CEM One enables Virtual Electromagnetic Testing for large industrial models over a wide frequency spectrum, from Radio Frequency (RF) to millimeter...
22 Jan 2019

ESI Additive Manufacturing 2019.0
ESI Additive Manufacturing : a unique solution for the simulation of Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process. This multi-scale and multi-physics tool offers first two modules: Prescan (quick estimation of optimized...
18 Jan 2019

ESI PAM-COMPOSITES: a unique Finite Element (FE) simulation chain for the modeling of the manufacturing process of composites structural components and thermoformed acoustic and cosmetic multi-material components, such as...
8 Jan 2019

PAM-OPT 2019.0
ESI PAM-OPT 2019.0 has the following new main options: Improvement of the algorithms. The main new options are the following ones:  Getting the best intermediate solution in real-time (even during a batch of parallel calls.) Bug...
3 Jan 2019

PAM-STAMP 2019.0
PAM-STAMP 2019.0 release enables the user to be far more efficient with the setup and analysis of complete line die simulations, whether investigating a quick feasibility variant or an in-depth validation of the entire sheet...
21 Dec 2018

Virtual Performance Solution 2017.05
ESI Virtual Performance Solution  is a unique solution allowing manufacturers to face emerging design challenges — including those related to lightweight and green vehicles — while avoiding over-engineering. It enables design and...
18 Dec 2018

FOAM-X 2018
ESI FOAM-X 2018 offers a range of upgraded and new functionality. Please see the release notes for more details.
17 Dec 2018

Virtual Performance Solution 2018.0.1
ESI Virtual Performance Solution  2018.01 is a unique solution allowing manufacturers to face emerging design challenges — including those related to lightweight and green vehicles — while avoiding over-engineering. It enables...
17 Dec 2018

 ESI PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 2019.0 is a die face design workbench integrated in the CATIA V5 environment, offering fast and easy to use tools and workflow supporting the various phases in the die face design lifecycle....
13 Dec 2018

Visual-Environment 14.5
The latest version of ESI Visual-Environment 14.5 is now available. Visual-Environment is an open architecture CAE platform that continuously expands its capability to enabling smart Virtual Prototyping.  Integrated simulation...
7 Dec 2018

Mineset 3.00
ESI MINESET 3.0 offers interactive exploration of data through an advanced suite of visual tools for faster discovery of meaningful trends and cause-effect relationships. Mineset is Big Data enabled and includes integrated...
27 Nov 2018

IC.IDO 12.1
IC.IDO 12.1: The Virtual Reality Solution for 3D Immersive Product Experience. View more details about this release on IC.IDO 12.1 release notes.
20 Nov 2018