Tips & Tricks

Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

SteamVR Binding errors when using HTC Vive Tracker (ADMINISTRATOR)
Recent Vive Tracker Changes: Latest SteamVR Updates in October 2018 have changed the default behavior for Vive Trackers, and it is causing some confusion. We want to explain how to mitigate the setup for using Vive Tracker with IC.IDO.
Gregor Altmann
Virtual Reality

New Physics Solver "ICA Stiff Solver" (USER)
IC.IDO 12.1 introduces the next generation of physics solver. The new solver focuses on improvements of performance and stability in general, but also puts focus on Elastic1D-Elastic1D and Elastic1D-Rigid contact situations resulting in improved collision handling and...
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality

Improve trimming with Overshoot
Trimming in PAM-STAMP can fail due to a too short trimming segment curve leading to not cut properly the blank mesh. This can be solved by using Overshoot option in PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5.
Matthias Hoss
Sheet Metal Forming

PAM-STAMP solver 2018.0.1 - Troubleshooting
Recommended file exchange in case of unexpected solver stop without error message. MPI change in case plateform mpi issue in DMP
Martin Holecek
Sheet Metal Forming

Smart computing with PAM-STAMP
Tips and tricks to reduce computational time for PAM-STAMP input files.
Vladimir Cerny
Sheet Metal Forming

Tips for Immersive Workspace Parameters (USER)
This is a description of several parameters of the Immersive Workspace module within IC.IDO. This document helps you to understand the different parameters in order to set up your immersive environment for your needs.
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality

Switch Ergonomics module in IC.IDO 11.2 (ADMINISTRATOR)
IC.IDO 11.2 introduces the new IDO.ErgonomicsRAMSIS module with the digital human model based on RAMSIS, while still offering as well the previous IDO.Ergonomics module based on CharAT. If users need to switch frequently between the two modules, we describe here the...
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality

Laptop Graphics Support with IC.IDO (ADMINISTRATOR)
IC.IDO 11.2 supports HMD-ready laptops, i.e. laptops with NVIDIA Quadro P4000/P5000 graphics cards. However on systems with both onboard- and dedicated Quadro graphics card, care has to be taken that IC.IDO utilized the High-Performance graphics card.
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality

Using HTC Vive Tracker in IC.IDO (ADMINISTRATOR)
Since version 11.2, IC.IDO supports trackers from HTC Vive (additional external tracking targets) as mockup trackers with IDO.SpecialTrack, for example to include physical objects into immersive reviews for validating reachability/accessibility, tool access and fit,...
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality

Setting Up the SpaceMouse for IC.IDO (ADMINISTRATOR)
Learn here how to install and configure a 3D connexion Spacemouse for usage in IC.IDO: Open 3D connexion software and set property for button “Left” or “1” to “Application Use”, and finally adjust IC.IDO configuration.
Frank Schoeffel
Virtual Reality