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Here you will find articles on how to solve specific issues related to ESI's software solutions. Missing ESI products will be added progressively. Each article has a short abstract which is accessible to everyone. As logged users you can see the full article with all attached screenshots, and you can post comments related to each article.

3D Combine
As existing 2D Combine in Visual-Mesh, 3D Combine has been introduced to undone refinements.
Sandrine Dischert
Multiphysics, Virtual Integration Platform

New pattern in Visual-Mesh 3D split
The aim of this new 3D pattern is to allow users to refine mesh on a restricted area
Sandrine Dischert
Multiphysics, Virtual Integration Platform

Crash when launching Visual on CentOS
On Linux, at moment of launching Visual-Environmnet, crash happens after having selected Visual Weld. It is possible to try following steps to solve the problem. - Launching Visual in debug mode - Downgrade GlibC to 2.12 - Install freshly NTP
Yonggang Duan
Virtual Integration Platform, Welding & Assembly

Visual-CFD Frequently asked questions with solutions
This article collects several tips & tricks for Visual-CFD users
Sunil Unaune
Virtual Integration Platform

Boundary Layer Mesh tool demonstration
Easily creating a connection between a tetramesh and an hexamesh is possible, using Boundary Layer Mesh tool.
Sandrine Dischert
Multiphysics, Welding & Assembly, Virtual Integration Platform

Coupling windows for postreatment visualization
When comparison between results is needed, coupling windows and synchronizing animations is a key tool.
Sandrine Dischert
Multiphysics, Welding & Assembly, Virtual Integration Platform

Arbitrarily 3D shaped surfaces
This paper illustrates the modeling process to be applied by a Visual-Mesh user with the objective of creating one arbitrarily 3D shaped surface starting from scratch.
Jean-Claude Kedzia
Virtual Integration Platform

Using a template CDL file for quick case set up in CFD-CADalyzer
If your simulations with CFD-CADalyzer typically include the same or similar type of physics, materials and boundary conditions then you can make the case setup process very efficient and quick with the use of a template file - a CDL file that includes the typical...
Abraham Meganathan

How to fill multiple holes of different shapes and sizes on a plate?
Using Visual-Mesh, you can fill small holes of different diameters with a surface easily. This can be achieved with the Surface Trim option available in the surface menu.
Rupesh J
Virtual Integration Platform

How does Batch Mode execution work in Visual-Environment?
To run the scripts in Batch mode
Sreekanth Puttananjappa
Virtual Integration Platform