VPS Explicit - Material Modeling

Understand the phenomena of individual material classes and learn which standard material models exist in VPS to describe this material behavior.
VPS or CAE engineers.

The aim of the course is to impart practical knowledge for the application of the material models available in VPS/PAM-CRASH. The necessary theoretical basics are briefly presented at the beginning of the respective special topic. Typical phenomena of individual material classes and the possibility of describing these phenomena with VPS/PAM-CRASH will be discussed. The participants are informed which model is optimal for the respective material and load case.

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Day 1 – Basic Material Modelling

  • Introduction
  • Metals + exercise
  • Plastics
  • Foams
  • Rubber
  • Fabric
  • Adhesive

Day 2 – Damage & Failure

  • Introduction
  • General theory + exercise
  • Standard models
  • Advanced models