OpenFOAM - Advanced Training

Learn how to use effectively OpenFOAM on real engineering problems and develop the toolbox to suite your needs. It covers general use and programming of OpenFOAM, building on topics presented earlier in the Foundation Course.
CFD Engineers.

This course covers advanced topics on OpenFOAM. Participants undertake exercises in simulating cases and programming in OpenFOAM using ESI’s Cloud-based HPC computing platform. All work from the training will be stored on the cloud and participants may download all the work and exercises at the end of the training.This training doesn’t teach any programming or source code modifications.

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Day 1

  • Advanced meshing in OpenFOAM with snappyHexMesh
    • Effective use of snappyHexMesh
    • Building cell layers
    • Checking mesh quality
  • Selecting discretisation schemes with respect to mesh quality
  • Tuning of linear solvers and algorithms
  • Setting boundary regions and conditions
  • On-the-fly post-processing
  • Hands-on
    • Motorbike

Day 2

  • Overview of capabilities including
    • Multiphase flows
      • Interface capturing, e.g. Volume of Fluid (VoF)
      • Euler-Euler methods
      • Lagrangian particles
    • Dynamic meshes including overset
    • Heat transfer including radiation
  • Dynamic code
    • Use of dynamic code customisations in OpenFOAM setup
  • Boundary conditions in OpenFOAM explained
    • implementation of boundary conditions
    • turbulent inlet profile
    • time-varying conditions
    • mixed boundary conditions
  • Post-processing with Function Objects