OpenFOAM - Foundation Training

Learn how to apply OpenFOAM to setup , run, and post-process CFD problems on small cases.
CFD Engineers.

Basic knowledge of Linux, C++, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are beneficial


This course includes an introduction to OpenFOAM environment. Participants undertake exercises in simulating cases and programming in OpenFOAM using ESI’s Cloud-based HPC computing platform. All work from the training will be stored on the cloud and participants may download all the work and exercises at the end of the training.This training doesn’t teach any programming or source code modifications.

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Day 1

  • Background in the use of Linux/UNIX
  • OpenFOAM applications and how to use them
  • Basic meshing with a block-structured mesh generator
  • Field initialization and general boundary conditions
  • Selecting physical models and setting parameters
  • Solution monitoring and control
    • plotting residuals
    • plotting continuity errors
  • Mesh conversion (example from Ansys)
  • Hands-on
    • Backward-facing step
    • Dam break

Day 2

  • Reynolds-averaged simulation for turbulence
    • setting boundary conditions
    • wall functions
  • Post-processing tools and visualization
  • Mesh manipulation
  • Running in parallel
  • Creating animations
  • Introduction to C++ and its use in OpenFOAM
    • Code structure and compilation
    • Code walk-through for a simple utility
    • The important classes in OpenFOAM
  • The finite volume method and PISO/SIMPLE/PIMPLE algorithms
  • Post-processing with Function Objects
  • Hands-on
    • pitzDaily