VPS Implicit - Basic Training

Learn about and understand the general of a VPS model. Learn to set up and run a simple static linear or nonlinear static load case with VPS and evaluate the results.
CAE engineers.

Basic knowledge of Finite Element Method


This course is intended for participants without experience in VPS. The aim is to convey a comprehensive understanding of the model building blocks, the model set-up, and the data structure of implicit VPS models. The content is deepened with the help of exercises, where the participants learn how to set up and solve a model, evaluate the results, and how to easily switch between explicit and implicit analysis types.

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Day 1

  • Introduction to VPS
  • Basics of VPS
  • Pre-/post-processing, input/output structure
  • Boundary conditions and loads
  • Exercise 1
  • Element types
  • Basic material models
  • Connections
  • Exercise 2