VPS Implicit - NVH - Automotive Low Frequency Interior Acoustics

Learn how to set up a coupled frequency response analysis for structure.
CAE engineers with a focus on NVH and comfort.

The aim of this course is to show the participants solutions in the field of structural and acoustic simulation. A special focus is the consideration of interior acoustics considering the interaction of fluid structure and the consideration of porous elastic materials.

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Day 1 - Basics

  • Structural modes
  • Exercise: Structural modal analysis
  • Acoustic modes (including Cavity Meshing)
  • Exercise: Acoustic modal analysis
  • Exercise: Coupled analysis structure-fluid
  • Modelling of elastic porous media
  • Interaction Fluid - Structure - Porous elastic media
  • Exercise: Coupled analysis structure-fluid-trim
  • Results evaluation with Visual-Viewer
  • Solution strategies