VA ONE - FE-BEM - General Applications

Learn to perform acoustic environment qualification. The course aims at mastering the finite element (FEM) and boundary element modules (BEM) for vibroacoustic simulation applications. Learn how to ensure your model accuracy by learning about the best modeling guidelines and practices.
NVH Engineers, Acoustic Test Engineers, etc.

Basic knowledge of the Finite Element Method (FEM).


This course will include an introduction to VA One (Graphical user interface) and cover the finite element method and Boundary Element Method (BEM) background theory and usage. The content with individual cover features as well as coupled models.

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Day 1 – Introduction and FEM

  • Introduction to the Graphic User Interface
  • Modal frequency response theory overview
  • Structural Finite Element Subsystems
  • Hands-on: vibration prediction on an automotive chassis.
  • Damping models review
  • Acoustic Finite Element Subsystems
  • Structural Acoustic Coupling
  • Hands-on: front loader cabin analysis

Day 2 – BEM

  • Boundary Element Method
  • Hands-on: scattering analysis
  • Hands-on: transmission loss of a plate
  • Coupled Boundary Element – Finite Element Models
  • Dynamic Stresses
  • Hands-on: Speaker simulation