VA ONE - SEA for Automotive Applications

Learn how to build a SEA model of a car and perform sound pack analysis.
NVH Engineers, Acoustic Test Engineers, etc.

Basic knowledge of acoustic, NVH, and of CAE software.


This course focuses on an introduction to VA One SEA for automotive applications. The trainee will learn how to build a SEA model of a vehicle from a FE Model to be able to perform sound pack analysis and interior noise performance assessment.

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Day 1 – Introduction to VA One and SEA

  • Basics of Statistical Energy Analysis
  • Introduction tVA One (GUI, Database)
  • SEA subsystems and Analysis
  • Noise Control Treatments
  • Exercises: basic examples for the trainee tunderstand how trun a model (TL, Power Inputs)

Day 2 – SEA for Automotive 1

  • Focus on how tbuild the structure and cavities
    • State-of-the-art partitioning
    • Interior and exterior cavities
    • Diffraction and junction modifications
  • Trim Modeler and NCT
    • How tmodel and apply porous media
  • Exercises: build parts of a vehicle(Firewall, wheel arches) with Cavities and perform subsystem TL

Day 3 – SEA for Automotive 2

  • Sanity check
    • How tensure the quality of a SEA model
  • Loads and input tthe model
  • Perform various studies on the SEA model:
    • Contribution analysis
    • Transfer Function
    • Interior noise performance enhancement
  • Exercises: perform various analyses on the complete SEA model