VA ONE - SEA - General Applications

Learn how to use VA One SEA module to solve high frequency vibroacoustic problems where deterministic methods cannot be used.
NVH Engineers, Acoustic Test Engineers, etc.

Basic knowledge of acoustic, NVH, and of CAE software.


This course focuses on an introduction to VA One SEA. This course includes the building of simple SEA subsystems as well as performing analysis and using noise control treatments.

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Day 1 – Introduction to VA One and SEA

  • Basics of Statistical Energy Analysis
  • Introduction to VA One (GUI, Database)
  • SEA subsystems (structural and acoustic)
  • Inputs and Analysis
  • Noise Control Treatments
  • Exercises: basic examples for the trainee to understand how to build and solve a model.

Day 2 - Introduction to VA One and SEA 

  • SEA subsystems (structural and acoustic) 
  • Inputs and Analysis 
  • Noise Control Treatments 
  • Introduction to specific application (Trim Modeler, Virtual TL, Foam) 
  • Overview of the industrial application (auto, aerospace, marine)