List of Training Courses

SimulationX - Hydraulics
Learn to demonstrate the content and the modeling concept of the hydraulics library. Numerous examples will show how to model and analyze valves, hydraulic drives, end cushioning of cylinders, and proportional directional valves easily and quickly in SimulationX.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-HYD Advanced

SimulationX - Pneumatics
Learn to model pneumatic valves and drives, clutch actuating systems, pneumatic handling equipment, as well as mixtures of different gases within SimulationX.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-PNE Advanced

SimulationX - HVAC & Power Generation
Learn to design, build, and analyze models with heat and fluid flows. Learn to familiarize yourself with the libraries in SimulationX, which are suited for application in the field of HVAC, power generation, and heat transfer.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-HPG Advanced

SimulationX - Green City
Learn about the modeling and simulation of building complexes and smaller city quarters regarding the heating, cooling, and power supply, including electromobility, within SimulationX.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-GC Advanced

SimulationX - Dynamic calculations of belt conveyors
Learn about the possibilities of SimulationX for modeling, simulation, and analyzing the dynamic behavior of belt conveyors.
System Modeling SIM-FO-A-DCBC Advanced

VA ONE - FE-BEM for Space Structural qualification
Learn to perform acoustic environment qualification for space structures. The course aims at obtaining the vibration response, dynamic stresses, or internal cavities acoustic levels for components, entire payload, or launch vehicle subjected to a launch environment.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-SSQ Basic

VA ONE - FE-BEM - General Applications
Learn to perform acoustic environment qualification. The course aims at mastering the finite element (FEM) and boundary element modules (BEM) for vibroacoustic simulation applications. Learn how to ensure your model accuracy by learning about the best modeling guidelines and practices.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-BEM Basic

VA ONE - SEA for Automotive Applications
Learn how to build a SEA model of a car and perform sound pack analysis.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-A-AUTO Basic

VA ONE - SEA for Aerospace Applications
Learn to model launch vehicles and aircraft using Statistical Energy Analysis. The course will cover the fundamentals of SEA and model construction focusing on a launch vehicle and an aircraft. Noise control treatment design and applications will also be part of this course.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-AERO Basic

VA ONE - SEA - General Applications
Learn how to use VA One SEA module to solve high frequency vibroacoustic problems where deterministic methods cannot be used.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-SEA Basic

VA ONE - Hybrid modeling
Learn how to use the FE-SAE hybrid method to solve vibro-acoustics in the mid-frequency range.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-HM Advanced

VA ONE - Ray Tracing
Understand the theory and applications of the ray tracing technique. Design and analyse using the ray tracing module of VA One to solve acoustic problems.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-RT Basic

NOVA - Noise Control Treatment Simulation
Learn to simulate and optimize the performance of different noise control treatment lay-ups using the transfer matrix method. Obtain specific metrics such as transmission loss and absorption for a given treated panel.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-CTS Basic

FOAM-X – Porous Material Characterization
Learn to post-process impedance tube data to characterize Biot parameters in foam samples.
Vibro-Acoustics VAO-FO-B-CTC Basic

VSS - Seat Modeling
Learn how to prepare a seat model ready to be used for virtual performance testing for automotive industry.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-B-SM Basic

VSS - Seat Trim Manufacturing
Learn how to design optimal cover flattened patterns without defects such as wrinkles. For automotive industry.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-B-STM Advanced

VSS - Seat Static Comfort
Learn how to choose trim materials and shape in order to optimize seating comfort.for automotive industry.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-A-SSC Advanced

VSS - Seat Dynamic Comfort
Learn how to identify seat ability to isolate its occupant from car vibrations. Learn to modify seat structure to avoid proximities between seat and car natural frequencies for automotive industry.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-A-SDC Advanced

VSS - Seat Whiplash Test
Learn how to evaluate seat ability to protect its occupant from whiplash injury based on different protocols for automotive.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-A-SWT Advanced

VSS - Seat Thermal Comfort
Learn how to evaluate seat thermal performance based on comfort score and energy consumption for automotive industry.
Virtual Seat VPS-FO-A-STC Advanced